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Posted :12/10/2005

seven-years-after-my-first-surgery - my hair history

My hair history - from too much to too little to just about right.

As one would expect, I'm very glad I did hair transplantation. After three sessions of about 1,500 grafts each I was able to re-establish a relatively full look. For me it was like rolling back time and in many ways it felt like regaining my lost youth.

It was great for my moral. This positive experience also led me to share my story on the Internet back in the late nineties with a simple looking site that I put together myself. In time this site evolved into a true online community - the Hair Transplant - that has helped hundreds of people learn how to also restore their own real hair.

Helping people find great surgeons and restore their hair has been my full time work for well over five years now. I've truly turned my lemon into my lemonade. It feels good to know that I took a negative and turned it into a positive for not only me but hundreds if not thousands of other people.