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Posted :12/28/2005

ten-days-after-surgery - my head about ten days after

My head about a ten days after surgery

After tiring of wearing a hair system for seven years I took a new look at hair transplantation around 1997 and found that it had come a long way from plugs and mini grafts. With the advent of follicular unit hair transplantation it had finally became a viable and natural option.

I took the plunge with my first session being around 1,500 grafts, which was a big "mega session" back then. The surgery only had minor discomfort and in general it was an exciting and positive day having the whole staff working to correct my hair loss.

I wore my "hair system" over it while my hair transplants took root and grew. I did remove my hair system as much as possible to enable my new hair to not be smothered any more than nessicary (think of carpet laying on top of grass and you get the idea).