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Posted :6/7/2013

im at 5 month and 3 weeks and i dont know if i will post at 6month since im always traveling.. i went and got my hair cut yesterday and i completely whent to sleep in the barber chair n told him i like my hair short and i forgot to tell him not to go below a number 2 clip in the back ,well when i woke up i had almost a fade in the back with a smily face back there lol .... on the top a  7 clip was use.... im happy with the results .

almost-6-month-scar-pics-and-more - other side

the other side

almost-6-month-scar-pics-and-more - i think is not

i think is not that bad and if a number 2 clip would have been used like i always do get it would not have been visible at all, but is all good i don't really care if it shows for a wk.

almost-6-month-scar-pics-and-more -


almost-6-month-scar-pics-and-more -

almost-6-month-scar-pics-and-more -

me back at the hotel