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Posted :5/5/2008

2.5 months after my hair transplant, the hair is growing but it is not a fast process. Some hairs began growing as dark hair from the time they poke through, but the majority are very thin light colored hairs at first. I only retained a few of the grafted hairs. I kept a small percent until about 1.5 months, but these eventually fell out. The grafted hairs that never fell out can be spotted because they have a thick dark tip (the part that was visible after immediately after the surgery), followed by a thin section (presumably where they hair became weak and almost fell out), then gradually becoming thicker. There are only a few of these hairs remaining.
The scar is still red and still itches a little if I go in the sun. Every now and then a small scab will also form. I don't know if this is due to my scratching the scar, or if these just form. I don't have any little scabs now. The redness on top is also still a little visible, but with the new hair growing in, it masks it.

2.5-months - new hair is barely visible in pictures.

New hair is barely visible in the pictures. It is a little more noticeable when I look in the mirror.

2.5-months -