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Posted :4/2/2008

Not much to speak of since week five. The top of my head is still pink from the hair transplant and is fading very gradually. My guess at this point is that the pinkness is going to be there for a while. It must be the kind of skin I have, as the scar is also still very red. The "dots" from week four that grew into stubble by week five are still there and growing, but not many new ones have emerged. I'm wondering if these were hairs that shed just after the surgery, and began to grow about four weeks later. Since most of my grafts shed at about the three week point, I'll be curious to see if new "dots" form by week seven, which will mark four weeks from the time they shed. It is encouraging, however, to feel the new stubble. I also notice that there is more stubble in the front and on the left, than there is on the right.
No pictures to updated today as there is no visible change from last week.