RJS-aka-Pompadore-2009's - Profile page Week-4

Posted :3/19/2008

A few notes: For the past few days my wife has been saying she sees black "dots". I've noticed these as well. Since it has only been four weeks since my hair transplant, I thought it might have been grafted hairs that broke off, leaving a little part sticking out. I just read that these black dots are probably new hairs beginning to grow. Hopefully this is a good sign indicating that my new growth will be a little ahead of schedule. Also, when I rub my head I seem to feel a few new hairs sprouting.
The scar is still red right in the middle. I made the minor mistake of cutting my hair too short in the back. The scar doesn't show, but the hair below is not even. There is a thin area due to the little gap of shorter hair over the scar.
The general redness on top is fading, but still visible. I started using aloe vera (the actual plant), and aloe vera gel about a week ago. It is probably helping a little, but the redness is still there.
About 90% of the new hairs have shed at this point.
I'm noticing what appears to be some new growth in the back where I did not get any grafts. It is mostly around the edges where the hair ends. In other words, the "bald spot" may be closing in just a little. I started Finasteride and another product (that I can never remember the name of) - both of which were given to me by the doctor - about 5 weeks ago. In addition, I increased the amount and frequency of the use of Rogaine. I also began using MSM one week ago.