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Posted :7/11/2009

Pain subsided somewhat, although still popped a couple of pain killers for the donor area. Another visit to the clinic for a check up. Dr Rahal thought the recipient area and the donor area were looking a bit red. He prescribed additional antibiotics and an antibiotic cream.Dr Rahal takes a real interest in his patients, making himself available 24-7 to answer questions / concerns. After the visit to the clinic, he gave me and another patient (from Denmark) a run back to our hotels. 

day-2 - donor area left hand side

Donor Area Left Hand Side

day-2 - recipient area

Recipient Area

day-2 - donor area right hand side
i was little surprised

Donor Area Right Hand Side I was a little surprised how far round the incision went. My hair is fine so I was expecting a lengthy scar though. The asymmetry of the incision frees up space for additional work in the future