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Posted :10/8/2012

I am here!  Finally!  After three planes and 31 hours of solid travel, I arrived at Brookline Guesthouse yesterday evening.  It was great to finally drop my bags and see where I would be "living" for the duration of the next week.  No real drama throughout the journey.  Upon my arrival, the owner of the guesthouse Mahesh, showed me around and explained how things worked.  The house is genuinley unbelievable.  The second I stepped out of the taxi I was very impressed, and this continues throughout the guesthouse.  The kitchen is fully equipped and there are many breakfast options available.  Flatscreen TVs with literally dozens of channels in each room, and most have private bathrooms.  After my first night here, I can already recommend it to anybody who may be considering staying here.  Mahesh offered to take me to the local supermarket and wait for me whilst I grabbed some basic food supplies, as the following day (today) is Canadian Thanksgiving and everywhere is closed (except for Starbucks of course, really).  Okay, theres my little plug for Brookline Guesthouse over.  
Have waited so long to undergo this, my first HT, with Dr. Rahal.  As I have posted and explained in the forum, I actually confirmed a surgery date with Dr. Rahal almost four years ago now.  Due to work and travel commitments and the downtime post HT that I would require, and prefer, I have had to change my surgery date on four occasions if I remember correctly.  So considering those four years along with about 18 months of researching after initially finding this site, I am feeling some relief at being here.  Took a walk down to the end of the street where Dr. Rahals clinic is situated.  All closed today for thanksgiving, but I am scheduled to arrive at 8am tomorrow.  Feeling very calm actually.  It all feels very real, and I am very excited to meet and sit down with Dr. Rahal tomorrow to discuss the plan, and I remain hopeful and optimistic that we can safely harvest more than the originally recommeded 3.000 grafts.  I have been pretty strict in regard to scalp excerise over the past 8 weeks, and will be finishing my last "session" tonight.  The scalp excerise is something that I wont miss.  But hopefully something that will prove to have been very worthwhile.
Hopefully I will be able to get a goods night sleep tonight and "enjoy" the day as much as possible.