ReadyForChange's - Profile page 5-Month-Update

Posted :5/15/2009

Five month update with my hair grown out a little. It's still pretty thin and I'm hoping that I'm at about 50-60% and there is more growth and thickening to come. I'm weakest behind the hairline - seem to be a little thin there. There are patches with no growth that is worrisome as well. I just hope that I'm a slow grower (relative to some of the folks on this forum). I'll be patient :)

5-month-update - view my left side

View of my left side

5-month-update - see big patch nothing top right my

See the big patch of nothing on the Top Right (My Top Left)

5-month-update -

5-month-update - better thicker right side still needs

Better and thicker on the right side, but still needs to fill in

5-month-update -

5-month-update -