ReadyForChange's - Profile page Day-4

Posted :12/16/2008

Hi all! Thought I would share my 4 day pictures to get some feedback. Things are healing ok, but I've started to see large areas of crusting. I was a little concerned because I've not seen many similar situations on the forums online. Is this level of crusting normal or does it seem a little high? If high, what are the consequences? Also, does the density in these pictures look lower than the density in the 'day 1' pictures? Your feedback is appreciated.

day-4 -

day-4 -

day-4 - top view oiled

Top view (oiled)

day-4 - top view 2 oiled

Top view 2 (oiled)

day-4 -

day-4 - dry for rest pics after shampoo air dry

Dry for rest of the pics (after shampoo and air dry)