Sams's - Profile page 6-days-after-surgery

Posted :2/10/2014

I have being toying with the idea of hair transplant since 2012 and in 2013 my husband encouraged me to take the plunge. I began my research online and came across Dr Glen Charles. After speaking with Dr. Charles and his team, I began to feel comfortable and to believe in the possibility that I could get my hair back. He along with his staff dispelled all my fears and I quickly made the decision to have the surgery in February 2014. The surgery took place 7 days ago. From the moment I arrived at the office for the surgery, the team was very friendly, attentive, deligent and professional. In fact the worst part of the ordeal was the shots to numb the scalp, which was given at the stat of the procedure. Thereafter,  I felt so relaxed, I fell asleep during the proformance of the procedure.As stated above, I  am now in my 7th day, post the procedure and most of the pain is now gone away. Currently, there are some soreness and numbness near the donor area and I still have the sutures to be removed. Hopefully, the removal will not cause me too much discomfort. Overall, a very good experience, so if you are a female contemplating hair transplant surgery, go ahead, take the plunge, contact Dr. Glen Charles for a chat. In my opinion, he is one of the best and will sure to answer any questions you may have. My sutures will be removed on Friday, Feb 14, and thereafter, the 3 to 6 months wait for the new growth will be a challenge for me