Shorty-B's - Profile page 11-Months-Post-Surgery

Posted :5/20/2009

11-months-post-surgery - hair has grown back in around

Hair has grown back in around old scar from previous surgeries. No visible scaring from the new surgery.

11-months-post-surgery - top view 11 months little

Top view 11 months, little fuller

Another front view 11 months.

11-months-post-surgery - front view 11 months post

Front View 11 months post surgery. Not as transparent as it was before.

11-months-post-surgery - closeup 11 months. coming

Closeup 11 months. Coming in well. Took 18 months last time (6 years ago) to come in completely.

Coming along nicely however, I know from last time it took a good 18 months for the full results to be seen. Probably due to numerous prior surgeries, the first few not being too good of quality 14 years ago.