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Posted :11/19/2012

First FUE I've ever had based on very limited donor area. Had it performed by Dr. True in NY Small procedure - 580 grafts, but hoping it will add some refinement to hairline and density to temples. 

fue-580-grafts--with-dr.-true-nov.-15-2012 - right

Right after surgery - front view.

fue-580-grafts--with-dr.-true-nov.-15-2012 - side

Side view.

fue-580-grafts--with-dr.-true-nov.-15-2012 - pre-op

Pre-Op shot the day before the procedure.

fue-580-grafts--with-dr.-true-nov.-15-2012 - other

Other side.

fue-580-grafts--with-dr.-true-nov.-15-2012 - another

Another pre-Op shot before procedure.