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Posted :8/6/2010

 I had a HT on Aug 3, 2010. I transplanted 1325 grafts. It looks fine but I think I could go a little more aggresively with more grafts, like ~1600. I didn't hear how my hairs were per each grafts yet. I will update this later.
 To my surprise, the procedure itself was almost pain-free. After being injected anesthetic I
cound't feel any pain and due to the valium I half slept. But the pill I
had to deal with swelling and painkillers gave me dizziness / nauseous feeling and that was the
hardest part of the surgery. Maybe it was partedly because of the tuna sandwich I had for lunch. I hope they could provide better lunch option.

 The uncomfortable feeling continued until the next day but after that it gradually went away. One
thing I was impressed was that he didn't want to implant too many
grafts for the sake of patient, instead of trying to take as many as grafts to
raise the price.
 I saw from other people's journals that some people felt pain the day after the surgery but I didn't feel any pain and still it's almost painless even after the anesthetic is gone, except for some itches in my donor area, not a big deal. And thanks to this I didn't have to have painkillers that gave me the dizziness.
Matt (the patient coordinator) told me he would send me picture a few days later. I will upload my pictures then.
Good luck for all of you.