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Posted :3/21/2010

These pictures are from the second day of surgery. It was planned to do BHT today. Hair was extracted from my beard and implanted. After extracting hair from my chest, arm and leg, Dr True decided that the BHT was not working. The hairs were breaking upon extraction. Lager extraction tools were used to try and get around the issue but the doctors could not use larger tools due to the risk of scarring. The scars on my arm can still be seen.
Details of surgery are below.
Day 2 (9/22/09) [Extraction site: Beard 500 and extremities 24]

524 follicular units harvested and transplanted

519 singles
5 doubles


2nd-day-of-surgery -

2nd-day-of-surgery -

2nd-day-of-surgery -

2nd-day-of-surgery - day 2 surgery

Day 2 of surgery