Steven's - Profile page Day-30,-One-month-since-surgery-

Posted :10/1/2011

I went in today for my one month post-op checkup.  I am quite pleased with my progress.  The donor area has healed completely with only a fine pink line at this point.  I am told that it will become a tiny white line over the next few months.  I was also told that over the next several months the transplant site will continue to grow.  I will continue to post pics each month.

day-30-one-month-since-surgery- - day 30 donor area

Day 30, Donor area with absolutely no discomfort. I think it looks great!

day-30-one-month-since-surgery- - day 30 left side

Day 30, Left Side

Day 30, Right Side

Day 30, Front View

day-30-one-month-since-surgery- - i am not sure if

I am not sure if this pic has the necessary quality, but if so, you can see the beginning of growth with many very fine new hairs. These hairs should continue to grow. More pics will follow.