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Posted :10/14/2013

So today is monday and I had the surgery done wednesday. Swelling has really taken off now, and pain is at a minimum. It still feels tight in the back, but I haven't taken painkillers for 2 days now actually! 
And my girlfriend who cleans me and cleans my wound in the back everyday says that the wound in the back looks really nice now, whereas it looked like something out of a horror movie when she first saw it and cleaned it etc. The wound gets a special creme twice a day, and that cream sure does wonders it seems. it's a creme for healing wounds etc. 
Dr. Rahal really takes care and takes no risks with the grafts post the surgery, and one is not allowed to even touch the area before 2 weeks has passed, which is really good I think. I have long hair, so my hair looks really greasy from the e-vitamin oil that has to come in twice a day for the first week plus the babyoil that my hair is washed with. You get 2 spraybottles from Rahals clinic and a tearless baby shampoo. So the cleaning of the recipient area is only via spray first with the babyshampoo mixed with water spray bottle, and then cleaned off with spraying water from the spray bottle with water, afterwards.
The washing of the area plus the doner wound, is done twice a day, and since my girlfriend is doing it for me I make sure to be absolutely hysterical about her not pulling one straw of my long hair too hard or anything as I was told to be cautious about that at the clinic, like if one hair sticks to the recepient area or something, as the recepient area is treated with the e-vitamin oil etc. which is sticky and can cause straws of my normal hair to stick to it and then in worst case pull out a graft if you pull the hair stuck at the recipient area. And I'm like neurotical carefull, and doing exactly as told. I'm not taking any chances with this. 
But yes, the swelling has gone down, almost completely gone, and I had some days looking like I was sent outside the capsule in a sci fi movie and my head had started to blow up. Like in Total Recall. 
But now the swelling has gone down to almost gone, so it was only about 3 days of swelling and now I'm back! The transplanted area still looks great and I can see it getting better, and even the transplanted hair growing now. But they will fall out in about 2 weeks or something of what I heard, and then start growing from the beginning. Will be sooo exiting.
Shane from Rahals clinic, who drove me home after the surgery has the most awesome hairline already and he had his transplant done at Rahal only 5 months ago! So it seems it's going to be goood. Brookline guesthouse is great to stay in and the reclining chair is big. Having a bit trouble sleeping these last days, mainly because I haven't done anything but stay home and do nothing. As told before I'm not taking any chances with this, and the advices on Rahals clinic is to not go out for long walks etc before on the 4th day post surgery. Untill that stay inside and best to just stay in the recliner. But maaaan has that been hard. I've been singing loudly alot, and I'm not a good singer. Plus watching the movies I brought from home. Today and yesterday I could go out, which was really nice. It's beautiful here, but yesterday was quite hot actually. 21 degrees celsius and I did sweat a little which is also adviced to be cautious with at the clinic. No sweating training etc.
You get a hat from the clinic that you can wear when you go out. I might try talking a good walk again today. Weather looks beautiful and sunny.
Oh and the headnurse Mike lives 3 minutes away from here and he's been really really cool to respond to my questions about this and that etc. He's super cool and caring and available 24/7 for us which I've been really happy about, as now is thanksgiving, so the clinic is closed, but then I could just call Mike with questions when I had some. And most of us seem to have questions like, is the swelling normal, is the colour normal, I forgot to take my antibiotic pill at the exact time is that a problem, etc etc. Mike is there! 
So will go up now and prepare for having the donor area wound and the recipient area plus my hair spray-washed now. 
Write later.

5th-day-post-surgery - my transplanted area 2 days

my transplanted area 2 days after the surgery. It looked almost purple because of the swelling that I had. it looks oily because of the e-vitamin stuff plus you have to spray it every 2 hours with salic acid.