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Posted :10/16/2013

So, I went in for my daily cleaning at Rahals and had the spray cleaning of my hair with babyshampoo and water, and then the adding of E-vitamin oil to the reciepient area ( the area with the transplanted hair) and a special creme for the donor wound. 
My girlfriend does it for me every night and the clinic every morning, and the wound looks really good already. The receipeint area too. 
There's a new guy in the guesthouse now, and he had had hairtransplant before that did not go very well, and yesterday when he say my area he was like, is that post 6 days and looking that good already?? he was like out of his mind he couldn't believe it and he got super happy to see it as he was having surgery the next day. And I was really happy to hear that too.
Sooooo everything is going superb-ly and I'm waiting for this new planted hair to fall out and for the new hair to start growing! yayayayayay! Untill then I'll be wearing my black hat from the clinic. When I get back home (I fly home friday) I will buy a cap to wear.

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