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Posted :8/5/2008

I’ve recently had a hair transplant with Dr DeVroye in Brussels and the following is a summary of my experience to date.

people are very aware of the huge loss of confidence in going bald. For
years I researched every possibility to stop my hair loss, refusing to
accept that once my hair loss started, going bald was inevitable. I
poured large sums of money into minoxidil sprays, vitamin supplements,
and laser combs but too little success. I except certain people obtain
desirable results but not in my case. Once these treatments failed I
decided to turn to the last possible alternative, a hair transplant.

knowing the least bit about the different hair transplants available
and the huge variations in standards, I organised a consultation at my
local clinic in Ireland. After my visit I was filled with doubts. For
peace of mind I decided to do some research on the net, and it is while
doing this, that thankfully I came across this website. Alarmingly I
found negative after negative comment about my chosen clinic on the
website confirming my initial doubts.

I pulled the plug on my
local clinic and chose Dr DeVroye in Brussels instead after a number of
very positive reviews on this site. Due to the busy constraints of my
job I was unable to visit the clinic in advance of the hair transplant.
I know this was a risky ploy, but through his outstanding website, and
my countless emails and telephone calls I was fully confident I was
choosing the right clinic. Through his online consultation the number
of grafts, FUT procedure (Dr DeVroye gives the option of FUE also),
price and date were agreed. Pre operative instructions and
prescriptions were sent to my home address well in advance of

Arriving at the clinic the day of the hair transplant I
was made fell extremely welcome by Dr DeVroye and his extremely
professional team. I felt completely at ease through the entire 2800
grafts (6600 hairs) and at €8000, the cost was half of what they were
charging back home in Ireland. The transplant took from 9am to 7pm
where the utmost care was taken to ensure every hair was correctly
placed. A number of breaks were given during the day where food was
provided by his staff. At no stage in the transplant did I feel I was
been rushed, even after such a long day. Once the procedure was
finished I was given post operative instructions with a bag of
essential medications to ensure the grafts were kept well moisturised
and no infection of the donor area took place. Overall I found the
procedure to be reasonably comfortable with only slight discomfort in
the donor area for about 24 hours.

The extremely refined
procedure in removing the hairs from the donor zone has allowed me keep
the hair transplant completely confidential from my friends and family.
Although it must be stated I did have a two week holiday after the
transplant and now have a shaved head.

I totally agree with the
other posters on this forum regarding Dr DeVroye taking huge pride in
his work and genuinely caring for his patients. I even got personally
driven by him to my hotel after the transplant. Since the procedure Dr
DeVroye and his staff have sent on a number of emails asking how the
transplant was doing and sent on a few of the photos from the day of
the surgery. Its been one month since the procedure and the signs are
promising. Below I’ve posted some pics, directly before, directly after
and one month after. I intend to update my progress on this website
over the year.

Once again thanks to this website for showing me
the light and to Dr DeVroye and his team for what I feel is an
excellent procedure

one-month - view front head

View from front of head

one-month - view top head

View from top of head

one-month - view back head

View from back of head