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Posted :7/7/2009

The following are photos taken 12 months from the date of my surgery. Finally a year has gone by since the surgery and in my opinion the results have been even better than I had foreseen. The fact I'd a reasonable coverage of hair before the surgery I was hoping the newly transplanted hair would act as a replacement for the continually falling out hair. Thankfully, not alone has the transplanted hair replaced the falling out hair, it has increased my hair density to a level my hair was at a year before my transplant.
For me living in Ireland I've always felt there's a bit of stigma attached to hair transplants. For this reason the need to keep the procedure secret was extremely important. Although not easy to hide for the first 2 weeks, not a single person has ever asked or questioned my hair over the last 12 months. Nobody, not even my closest family and friends have found out I've had a hair transplant. Something I'm very happy about.
Considering I've only had a hair transplant on the front half of my head it is inevitable that at some stage in the future I'll need further hair surgery on the back portion of my head. When that time comes I'll most certainly be making the return trip to Dr. Devroye and his team.

one-year-after-surgery - view top after 12 months

View of top after 12 months

View of front after 12 months

one-year-after-surgery - view side after 12 months

View of side after 12 months