Troystory's - Profile page Before-Surgery-Photos

Posted :3/8/2010

These are photos of my hair prior to surgical restoration with Dr. Wong.  

before-surgery-photos - right side - again no or barely

Right side - again, no (or barely) temple point

before-surgery-photos - top view again - still thin

Top view again - still thin - I really don't like the thinness of my hair here

before-surgery-photos - again front. if you were to

Again, from the front. If you were to meet me for the first time, this is what you would see - and I very much disliked seeing this in the mirror everyday...

before-surgery-photos - left side - note no temple

Left side - note: no temple point

before-surgery-photos - the front - i really do not

The front - I really do not like this as there is no defined hairline and you can also see thinning in the crown as well.

before-surgery-photos - top view - thinning crown

Top view - thinning crown