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Posted :3/8/2010

Time to fly home!  This is the day I flew from Vancouver to back to Germany.  I was a little worried about just having surgery and wearing the loose baseball cap for all that time on the plane.  Primarily, I was concerned that the baseball cap would rub on the temple points and cause some newly planted follicles to come out.  However, those at H&W said everything would be fine, and it was.  Every now and again, I would go to the lavatories and slowly take the cap off to see if there were any follicles around the rim of it, but all was ok!

day-2-post-op - crown - ill be working that area round

Crown - I'll be working that area on round 2

day-2-post-op - if you call offices h&w you will more

If you call the offices of H&W, you will more than likely speak with Christina. Before I left H&W, I asked for a picture with Christina - she is more than photogenic than I. I did not get a photo opportunity with Jotronic or Doug.

day-2-post-op - right side - hairline temple point

Right side - Hairline and temple point, awesome!

day-2-post-op - left side - great also

Left side - great also

day-2-post-op - top side - hairline looks great i

Top side - Hairline looks great! I can't wait for it to grow in.

day-2-post-op - myself with man myth legend - dr.

Myself with the man, the myth, the legend - Dr. Wong