Troystory's - Profile page Day-3-Post-op

Posted :3/8/2010

These were taken after I arrived home after a long flight from Vancouver to Germany.  Then I took a train from the Frankfurt airport to the town I live in - it was a long day!

day-3-post-op - left side

Left side

day-3-post-op - a few staples in view with camera

A few staples in view with the camera this close - and the light is pretty bright here. I'll be glad when the staples are out.

Top and crown. A little bruising in the back.

day-3-post-op - right side

Right side

day-3-post-op - hairline temples head shot. redness

Hairline, temples, and head shot. Redness will be there for awhile, but will eventually subside. Scabs are starting to loosen also. Hopefully they will be gone in a week or so.

day-3-post-op - back left - can not see staples surgery

Back left - can not see the staples from surgery with my hair at this length