Yogi's - Profile page 10-Weeks

Posted :7/21/2008

The BIG news this post is my first pimple (exciting, huh?).
There is a feeling of peach fuzz in the heretofore completely bald areas. My donor incision area, has all feeling back. The recipient area continues to heal as the redness is completely gone and the numbness is waning.
The recipient area shock loss seems moderate at worst and is manageable with toppix.

10-weeks - dry combed to side. the shock loss seems

Dry and combed to the side. The shock loss seems moderate - or I never took pictures of my scalp from this angle. It does not seem this thin, but the camera never lies.

10-weeks - from another angle...

From another angle...

Wet and back. My first pimple is in the upper right.

10-weeks - same above with toppix. i can live with

Same as above with toppix. I can live with this.