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Posted :3/27/2009

First and foremost, thanks to all the kind comments I've received here.
I've seen a little thickening from month nine to ten. As my hair matures, it becomes more consistent with my native hair. That is, the new growth is now much softer to the touch. The dryness has gone away. My donor scar is virtually invisible.
Much of the numbness has gone, but I still have a little at mid-scalp. The areas that got the most hair (i.e. were completely bald) have complete feeling.
This is my first hair transplant. More might come at a later time. My game plan to to wait for one more year and then perhaps go in for round two. If so, I will seek greater density in the transplanted area.
I got what I wanted. That is my look is improved, but not drastically so. That's exactly the way I wanted it.  The work is undetectable. I think my improvement is significant, but not that pronounced.
I just did what I was comfortable with

10-months -

10-months - where i started.

Where I started.

10-months -

10-months - front


10-months - comb-to angle

Comb-to angle

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