Yogi's - Profile page 4-Months

Posted :9/16/2008

4-months - overall tad thicker than last month. i

Overall a tad thicker than last month. I suspect I will see some nice improvements in the next 2-3 months.

4-months - the native area is making comeback seems

The native area is making a comeback and seems thicker. The high sides are sprouting - you can see new sparse growth especially on the upper left. The upper right is not growing as fast as that to the left. It looks much better in the mirror as opposed to my low-res camera.

4-months - no toppix this month. considerable feeling

No toppix this month. Considerable feeling has returned to the donor area, but the nerves still have some reconnecting to do. Overall, I am pleased/ anxious/ excited.

4-months - this is better growth side. the heretofore

This is the better growth side. The heretofore void crevasse now has some sprouts in it.