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Posted :2/20/2009

The thickening still continues. I was really balder that I thought.
My donor area density and scalp laxity only permitted me to get 1700 grafts during this go round. I see many bloggers here who have got twice that much.
Nevertheless, I am happy. The work is undetectable; it just keeps growing in very gradually. My plan is to pray for some more thickening over the next few months. I'll see Dr. Bernstein before this summer to discuss a future plan.
My gut feel is to wait a year and schedule a round two procedure to improve the front density.
For 1700 grafts and my prior hairline, I'm really pleased. Pictures do not lie and these are VERY close up. From a few feet away, my hair looks much thicker. Ditto for some different lightings.
Fore the sake of informing this community, I hope my pictures give a bird's eye view.
No flash & natural light!

9-months - natural light

Natural light

9-months - pre-op.


9-months - my side part

My side part

9-months - as honest i can get. top down. this is

As honest as I can get. Top down. This is a good one to compare to my pre-op photo, below.

9-months - part side. the combover is gone.

Part side. The combover is gone.