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Posted :9/17/2009

Well, it has been one month.  I'm in the middle
of what many refer to as the ugly duckling stage.  Everything seems to be
healing slowly but surely.  My recipient site is slightly red.  I used a hydrocortisone cream for about a week which may or may not have helped.

As you can see, my donor region is still very red.  Fortunately, dermmatch can help diminish it.  However, the shaved hair around the
scar makes it look like I had a had an accidental hair cut (which has been my alibi).  
Dr. Paul has requested that I do not use dermmatch on the
recipient site for at the least the first six months.  After my first surgery (before SMG), I used dermmatch heavily throughout the growing months and my results
weren't stellar.  I also developed bumps throughout the
recipient area, which I thought was cobblestoning.  During my procedure with Dr. Paul, he noticed that I had
some bumps in the recipient site that weren’t producing hairs.  This led him to consider that it may
not have cobblestoning but an instance of sebaceous hyperplasia, basically
overgrown oil glands. 

Without longer hair and concealer, my bumps are more noticeable.  But I’m hoping that by avoiding
dermmatch for a few months I will achieve the best possible result.

ht#2-1-month - good shot both scars. a few more months

Good shot of both scars. A few more months of healing and hair growing should do the trick. But not a pretty picture to say the least.

ht#2-1-month - donor scar.

Donor scar.

ht#2-1-month - top shot.

Top shot.

ht#2-1-month - can you see little bumps cobblestone

Can you see the little bumps? Cobblestone or sebaceous hyperplasia?

ht#2-1-month - front. definitely had shed.

Front. Definitely had the shed.

ht#2-1-month - side. shaved down reveals disparity

Side. Shaved down reveals the disparity between my first HT and native hair.