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Posted :1/19/2010

It Begins!

Hello 5 Months.  The past three weeks I've seen a good start with the growth.  So much so that I don't feel the need to put concealer on in the front (I still need it for the crown, but probably still will anyways even after I see the full results).  I still look thin in the bright florescent lights, but it's much more passable now than it's ever been.  I know that this is also the beginning as there is still much stubble around the surface.  The new hairs are short, fine, colorless, thin but have already made a cosmetic impact.  I expect more to come in the next few months.  
Additionally, I've given Thana's regimen a try and I have adapted the following:
Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner.  Samy Fat Hair.  Fx Dirt.  
It really does make a difference.  I've had a few friends (female mind you) say that this was the best my hair has looked in awhile.   So in short, things are looking up!  Though not quite there yet.

ht#2-5-month - top shot. crown will probably always

Top shot. Crown will probably always need a little dermmatch. I can live with that.

ht#2-5-month - scar its there. barely.

Scar? It's there. Barely.

ht#2-5-month - my right side is my better side in

My right side is my better side in terms of growth.

ht#2-5-month - the left side is bit behind.

The left side is a bit behind.

ht#2-5-month - front shot. getting more full slowly

Front shot. Getting more full slowly but surely.

ht#2-5-month - scar getting even harder to detect.

Scar getting even harder to detect.