azn_guy's - Profile page Time-for-Surgery!!!

Posted :2/12/2010

Continuation from First Entry

time-for-surgery - right side view after ht procedure

Right Side View after HT procedure, Notice Dr. Cooley added some grafts to the side of the right temples

time-for-surgery - donor strip scar it looks clean.

Donor Strip Scar, It looks clean. I hope it stays this way (crossing fingers)

time-for-surgery - after procedure is done looks nice

After the procedure is done, looks nice and clean

time-for-surgery - front view after ht procedure

Front view after the HT Procedure

time-for-surgery - head shaved this time you can see

Head Shaved this time, you can see where the new hairline will be, Also notice I still have hair!

time-for-surgery - left side view after ht procedure

Left Side View after HT Procedure, Notice Dr. Cooley did NOT add any additional grafts to the side of my left temples