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Posted :12/16/2010

I had my Scar Revision today with Dr. Cooley and it was quite pleasant and everything went as planned. I got to the office at 10am and had to sign some consent papers. Dr. Cooley went over the procedure one last time then took some reference photos. Himself and Brandi Burgess were in the room the whole time.

I mentioned to him that i had two concerns such as the left hairline not being as low my right hairline, and the secondary strip on the left side above my ear is noticeable even at clipper #5. Dr. Cooley's plan was to fill in all the hairline as well as work on the filling in the secondary strip. We also decided to use ACELL which should compliment the scar revision procedure.

I went into the surgery room and they drugged me and had me lie down so they could start working on revising the strip. I then had lunch at 12pm

We started again around 12:30ish and they worked on the recipient area (It was Dr. Cooley and Brandi Burgess) They had 1-2 technicians working on the slivering.

The whole procedure lasted until 3:00pm and I was off back to the hotel

Everything went as planned and I asked how many grafts they were able to excise, to my surprise, they were able to get 420+ grafts (I will get details later)