badger_01's - Profile page 2-months!

Posted :8/7/2008

My hair looks like crap! but its pretty much supposed to, at this stage.
Most of the grafts have fallen out and shock loss has claimed some of my native hair.
But I'm seeing stubble in a lot of areas which is promising. Still a long way to go. Ppl on this site are great and thats what keeps me going.

2-months - where did all hair go d

Where did all the hair go :D ?

2-months - a little toppik goes along way. it still

A little toppik goes along way. It still looks like a thin head of hair..,but it will do for now!

2-months - without toppik.

without toppik.

2-months - somewhat respectable with toppik. im done

somewhat respectable with toppik. I'm done with hats!