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Posted :8/20/2012

I  had surgey with Dr. Raymond Konior in June of this year. Prior to narrowing down to Dr.Konior I did a lot of research on this site itself and other blogs.
It is extremely important that you do your homework while researching a good surgeon for your hair transplant. That can mean a world of difference as to how your final results come about.  Cost, Distance should never be a selection factor in the first place. I would have gone to the Artic Region and lived with the polar bears if the only good surgeon for a hair transplant was based there ;)
Coming to the initial consultation, Dr. Konior answered all my questions and doubts ..That meeting itself gave me an assurance that I was going to be in good hands...
The surgery went pretty smooth. The entire staff was very polite and courteous and tended to me in every way they could.  Dr. Konior seems to have only one patient a day. He is extremely hands on.....He is there with you for the entire procedure...We started aound 7:30 - 8:00 am in the morning (after all the preop photos and hairline marking was done) and finished around 7 in the was a marathon session but never did I feel the slightest discomfort...The nurses kept on inquiring whether I needed a break after every hour....Dr Konior tapped me on the shoulder multiple times to see how I was doing...I believe he placed most of the grafts himself (I was awake for most of the procedure except maybe 2 hours in the middle when I had taken a valium after lunch and slept)....Neverthless I can say that Dr. Konior approaches his surgery session like a new challenge given to him....Its easy to treat the whole procedure like a routine job but I honestly believe Dr. Konior has a passion for his work and will do everything possible to give you the best results.....
Also I believe his background in facial plastic surgery gives him an added skill in turning out the aesthetics as to how your hairline should appear...

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - postop - 3

Postop - 3

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - preop - 2

Preop - 2

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - postop - 2

Postop - 2

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - preop - 1

Preop - 1

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - preop - 4

Preop - 4

my-experience-with-dr.-konior - preop - 3

Preop - 3