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Posted :7/16/2008

Okay, here are some pictures of myself, starting as a kid and working my way forward. What happened to that kid with all the hair!

pre-surgery - me after couple years in college.

Me, after a couple of years in college.

pre-surgery - me around 2002/3 first child around

Me, around 2002/3, first child around somewhere.

pre-surgery - im one far left. my fraternal twin to

I'm the one on the far left. My fraternal twin to the left of me still has all his hair. Is hair loss all just random change?

pre-surgery - me around 2001/2 just got married.

Me, around 2001/2, just got married.

pre-surgery - okay my very mature high school graduation

Okay, my very mature high school graduation picture.

pre-surgery - me around 2003/4 looks like hair is

Me, around 2003/4, looks like the hair is thinning fast on the top!