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Posted :6/12/2012

These are the Lines the Dr. made. I wanted the filling up of my temple regions (left more than right), so that I could preserve the hairline as it was right now. Then, i hoped to strengthen my frontal tuft region as well, and slightly widen the frontal tuft, making it in line with a slightly lowered hairline. The Dr. noted that it was a conservative hairline. I kind of like the high temples look now, since with this OP i hoped to rewind the clock like 2-3 years, at most. Hope the hairline comes through, with the left and right filled in, and the frontal tuft strengthened as well.

op-day - left this may have been photo furthest along

Left, this may have been the photo furthest along the line

op-day - right one

Right one

op-day - left


op-day - left one these will be at various stage transplanting

Left one (these will be at various stage of the transplanting process, i think - my bro kept photo-ing as it went along)

op-day - right two

Right two

op-day - thats my picture hairline that doc drew.

Thats my picture of the hairline that the doc drew. He probably has better ones. Keep in mind that in this picture, unlike the docs, the recipient area has been shaved (right and left temples)

So most of these photos were taken during the surgery, with the grafts being harvested and put in one after the other. I think I can't see my original hairline anymore, not with the temple areas (and the frontal) which were shaved since they were recipient sites