db10's - Profile page Pre-Op-Pictures

Posted :6/12/2012

These are pictures taken from day before surgery.  May post additional pre op showing the front tuft

pre-op-pictures - crown


pre-op-pictures - right side with look in at front

Right side, with a look in at the front tuft as well.

pre-op-pictures - crown up top

Crown from up top

pre-op-pictures - left temples with hair combed up

Left temples, with hair combed up to show the boundaries of hairline

pre-op-pictures - right side which is bit better than

Right side, which is a bit better than the left

pre-op-pictures - another left picture this time taking

Another left picture, this time taking in part of the front "tuft" as well

Well, thats the state of my hairline as it is. I opted for a conservative hairline from Dr. Lindsey, more so than he initially thought. I guess thats because I kind of like the high temples look as well now, besides the fact that Im still young and will lose more on the top o me head and behind the hairline.