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Posted :1/1/2011

Pain: Donor area is tight, I can get by without painkillers in the day. Still need 1 or 2 painkillers when I sleep at night. Area is still slightly sore to touch. No pain at donee area.
Swelling: Subsided, headband off.
Cleaning & Drying: I strongly recommend shampoo twice a day with baby shampoo. Pat dry with towel and blow dry with a gentle cool hairdryer IMMEDIATELY. Keeping clean and dry is very important.

RHS after blow dry

01-jan-2011-4-days-sleep-pains - immediately after

Immediately after shampoo. Look at the depth of the grafts.

01-jan-2011-4-days-sleep-pains - lhs after shampoo

LHS after shampoo

LHS after blow dry

01-jan-2011-4-days-sleep-pains - rhs after shampoo

RHS after shampoo

01-jan-2011-4-days-sleep-pains - remember to keep

Remember to keep your hair LONG before going for HT. After blow dry and a little clever styling, you can't really tell. Confide in your hairstylist, I did. He/she will be able to help you.