dtyn's - Profile page 02-Jan-2010-5-days-Stitches

Posted :1/2/2011

The pain at the donor area is almost non-existent now, save for a little tightness. The swelling has also subsided and my scalp feels almost flat.

LHS - Again, neat handiwork.

02-jan-2010-5-days-stitches - rear right - very nice

Rear Right - Very nice handiwork.

02-jan-2010-5-days-stitches - rear left - remember

Rear Left - Remember to keep your hair LONG to cover the scar.

02-jan-2010-5-days-stitches - rhs - you can see blue

RHS - You can see the blue stitches which will be removed after a week.

02-jan-2010-5-days-stitches - grafts healing nicely

Grafts healing nicely how, drying out. Appear more 'brown' than 'red'. Remember the mole from Consultation Day? See how much Dr. Path has brought my hairline down! :D