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Posted :1/8/2011

Good news:

  • Right on cue, the scabs are turning crusty and shedding.

  • Donor scar is healing well. At times I've already forgotten it's there.

  • I can shampoo normally but still going gentle on the donor and donee areas. Washing twice a day and leaving the shampoo in for 5 minutes.

Not so good news:

  • There is shock loss at the donor site. It started 1 week after surgery. Fortunately my hair was long enough to cover it reasonably well.

  • A little itch at the donor area but I can easily live with that (I'm better with itch than pain)

  • I can still feel a very slight ache at donor area when I lie on my pillow but nothing that affected sleep.  

09-jan-2011-12-days-crusty - front view - you can

Front View - You can see the scabs coming off. They look like dandruff! (sorry these photos are a little disgusting)

09-jan-2011-12-days-crusty - lhs


09-jan-2011-12-days-crusty - rhs - compare with consultation

RHS - Compare with Consultation Day photo. You will see the mole on the right forehead. Amazing work!

09-jan-2011-12-days-crusty - donor back

Donor back

So far so good, progress on schedule. Look forward to play some sports this week!