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Posted :11/5/2011

By popular request, or should I say 'DEMAND', by a few members. Happy to provide a few laughs.
You can see that my hairline looks real bad in 2006-2008 until I found a good hairstylist in 2009.
He guided me where to keep my hair longer/shorter so to 'disguise' the hairloss. You can see it made a difference in 2009-2010.
However the biggest difference is still the HT!

2006-2011-photo-montage - 2010 - started keeping my

2010 - Started keeping my fringe longer to 'cover' up with a little success....

2006-2011-photo-montage - 2006 - i was so fed up i

2006 - I was so fed up I cut it all short

2011 - No caption needed.

2006-2011-photo-montage - 2008 - i kept hair little

2008 - I kept hair a little longer and waxed it up to create an 'illusion' of volume

2006-2011-photo-montage - 2007 - in office....shiny

2007 - In the office....Shiny spotlights don't help

2006-2011-photo-montage - 2009 - some improvement...

2009 - some improvement... keep my hair longer but still you can see the high forehead and receding temples