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Posted :12/31/2010

Consultation day with Dr. Path and his team. Also discussed my hairline design and asssesed suitability. Decided on 2000 grafts and took the mandatory HIV tests.
For foreign currency exchange, there are a few banks in the area so do compare before changing to THB. For a Singaporean like me, the UOB bank next door offered the best rate (UOB is a Singapore bank).
Do note that the bank will require your PASSPORT as the amount changed is substantial.
Took the antiseptic shampoo provided by the clinic and dutifully washed my hair twice that night.

27-dec-2010-consultation - on consultation day discussing

On consultation day, discussing my desired hairline with Dr Path's team. Take note of the mole on my forehead. You'll know why later.

27-dec-2010-consultation - the 2 lovely ladies at

The 2 lovely ladies at the DHT clinic reception

27-dec-2010-consultation - lovely view bangkok consultation

Lovely view of Bangkok from consultation room

Usually most people have 50 grafts/cm sq of scalp. As I have rather fine and sparse hair since young, I requested 40 grafts/cm sq instead, so I can have a lower hairline. You will see the result in later pages.