dtyn's - Profile page 28-Jun-2011-6-Months-Style

Posted :6/28/2011

Yes! I've finally hit the half year mark! And what an amazing journey it has been.
The transplanted hairs are really long now and blend in with my ermm 'normal' hair. Density isn't quite there yet, hopefully the next few months will see better uniformity.
Scar is nearly invisible now, my regular hair stylist had a tough time looking for it, hahahaha. Just a faint pink line.

28-jun-2011-6-months-style - left


28-jun-2011-6-months-style - right


28-jun-2011-6-months-style - front - top.

Front - Top.

I expect less 'dramatic' changes now so the next update will be at the 9 months' mark (Sep 2011).

Thanks to everyone who wrote on my blog or sent me private messages. Your encouragement is most helpful.