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Posted :12/30/2011

Hi Guys (& the occasional Gal)
The past year has been an amazing transformation, to say the least. Those who know (like selected friends & hairstylist) are blown away. Those who don't, usually say: 'You look quite different from when we last met.... I can't quite tell what... just different...'.
Side Effects of Having More Hair & Looking Younger:

Women around my age (40) ignore me, talk condescendingly to me like I'm their little brother at home. Let's just say that I get (much) warmer reception from women below 25.
When I dine/shop at 'higher-end' places, some staff treat me like I'm a young person wasting their time.

31-dec-2011-1-year-life-changing -

My transplanted hair has stablized and I will no longer be posting regular updates. I will still post whenever they are special events (continued improvement/hairstyle changes/special occasion/etc. (e.g. Feb 2012 - BKK holiday; will drop by clinic to say Hi)

Thank you to those of you wrote to me, telling me that I've been an inspiration. I'm humbled, it is my honour to have motivated you. Please keep the emails and comments coming.

As always, for those of you in/visiting Singapore, please feel free to buy me a beer! I'm more than happy to show you my hair :P