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Posted :12/31/2010

Although the clinic provides written directions, it may not be easy for those who are less familiar with Bangkok.
I have complied a photo guide to get you from Ari BTS station to DHT Clinic at Phaholyothin Place.

directions-to-dht-clinic-photo-guide - view ari bts

View from Ari BTS station, looking towards Mo Chit

directions-to-dht-clinic-photo-guide - along way you

Along the way, you will pass a Toyota showroom, a few other office buildings and many street food vendors like this one!

directions-to-dht-clinic-photo-guide - get off ari

Get off Ari BTS station on the right, where you will see Villa Market. Continue to walk in the direction towards Mo-Chit.

directions-to-dht-clinic-photo-guide - eventually

Eventually you'll reach Phaholyothin Place, a brown/rust coloured tall glass building. Go all the way inside and take the HIGH RISE lift to the 32nd level.