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Posted :12/1/2010

It is really nice to receive emails and thanks to everyone for reading my blog. Some questions posed were already answered on my blog or best answered by someone else. Hence please read this FAQ list:

faqsplease-read-before-you-email -

Q1: HT Price, Instalments/Discounts/Promotions, Hotels nearby, FUE vs FUT, Doctor's schedule & other medical advice.

Ans: Please visit DHT website or email DHT clinic. They are very helpful & will usually reply within 1-2 working days.

Q2: Payment?

Ans: I paid by cash. The clinic also accepts local bank drafts. There are a few banks in the area. I cannot recall the exchange rate I got. If I remember correctly, you have to declare at Thai Customs if you bring in >USD10k so I was within the limit.

Q3: Meet up in Singapore?

Ans: I am willing to meet and show you my hair transplant, subject to my work schedule. Offering to buy me beer usually helps.

Q4: Do you use Toppik/Propecia/Regaine/etc?

Ans: On my profile/home page. I am NOT using any now.

Q5: Do you plan to have another HT?

Ans: Are you mad? I hope NOT!!! It depends on my future hair loss. My dad has only slightly worse hairloss than me so I've got hope.

Q6: How many days to stay BKK? Is it safe? Places of interest?

Ans: I suggest 4 days but a minimum of 3 days is required. BKK is quite safe to walk about and sightsee on your own, but avoid the street food unless you have a strong stomach. Cost of transport, hotel & food is reasonable. Be respectful and the locals will love you. As for places of interest, please check on the many tourist information websites.

Q7: What shampoo do you use/recommend?

Ans: I try to use only shampoos with natural ingredients. No sulfites, parabens, colours, alcohol, etc. (Read the ingredient label!). There are very few shampoos that meet this criteria. I use 'Rainforest' by Bodyshop and 'Burts Bees' Pomergrenate. Always shampoo and towel dry gently.