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Posted :1/1/2012

For those of us who have had good HT results, we will not hesitate to credit our HT doctors and staff for their amazing work.
However, I personally feel that the care after HT is equally important to ensure you have the best chance of a great result.
After many months of reading other's blogs and chatting closely with fellow HT patients, I've compiled a list of 'Hair Care Tips After HT'.
While I encourage you to follow them, please note that they may have NO scientific backing (but are common sense, really) and there is NO guarantee of great results from any HT.

  • Tip#1 Use a 'Natural-Ingredient' Shampoo: No sulfites, parabens, colours, alcohol, etc. (Read the ingredient label!). There are very few shampoos that meet this criteria. I use 'Rainforest' by Bodyshop and 'Burts Bees' Pomergrenate.

  • Tip#2 Treat Your Hair Like A Baby: Pat in shampoo GENTLY and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse and towel PAT dry VERY gently, better still use a fan or no-heat hairdryer. Even after 1 year, I gently massage with towel.

  • Tip#3 Shampoo Regularly: Most of us have oily scalp and living in a tropical climate doesn't help. I shampoo twice a day (at almost the same time e.g. 8am and 8pm daily) so that my scalp stays REAL clean.

  • Tip#4 No SSS (Sweat, Sports or Swim): For the 1st month I did NOT sweat, play sports or swim. The only time my hair was wet, was in the shower. My only exercise was a lot of walking and light yoga.

  • Tip#5 Eat Well: Your whole body will benefit from you eating healthily, not just your hair. Ask a nutritionist for advice on 'hair-friendly' food. Personally I eat a lot more vegetables and much less meat/carbohydrates than the average Asian Chinese male.

  • Tip#6 Be Happy!: No one will dispute that stress is a factor for premature hairloss (and a host of other health problems). Stay positive!