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Posted :12/16/2009

at 2 weeks there is still some substantial redness in the recipient area.most of the hairs have fallen out at this stage - mostly from when i am rubbing my minoxidil solution into the scalp.the donor area doesn't look too bad, but i have a couple of persistent ingrown hairs that appear to be quite deep. i imagine this is just from the harvesting process/scabbing, but i'm not sure how to get the hairs out being that they are on the back of my neck. they're quite itchy and annoying really.  there's also a few blackhead type areas in the recipient areas. not sure if they are actual blackheads, stuck hairs or scabbing. 

2-weeks-and-1-day - right 1

right 1

2-weeks-and-1-day - front


2-weeks-and-1-day - right 2

right 2

2-weeks-and-1-day - left 1

left 1

2-weeks-and-1-day - donor


2-weeks-and-1-day - left 2

left 2