hadenuf's - Profile page 1-Month-Post-op

Posted :6/25/2011

I can't believe it's only been a month since my transplant! It feels like it happened a life time ago. On the other hand, I'm still pretty bald on top, so maybe it's not such a bad thing that I've got lots of growth to look forward to.
Big changes since my last entry are minimal. I've noticed that the recipient area has some bumps and pimples, but I hear that's a good thing! Also, my native hairs are now long enough for Toppilk, so I can go out in public without a hat on again!
The donor area is completely healed as far as I can tell. I know where the area is supposed to be, but I still can't see a difference in the density. If I end up with good growth on the top of my head, I'll definitely feel vindicated for shelling out the extra dough.
Otherwise, the arduous waiting game continues. Grow hairs grow! Wish me luck!! 

1-month-post-op - natural light

Natural light

1-month-post-op - donor area

Donor area

1-month-post-op - artificial light

Artificial light