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Posted :5/25/2011

It’s finally surgery day and I’m pumped. It feels completely right – it’s time that I finally had this procedure. I’ve had a few non-cosmetic surgeries in my life and was told on two occasions to take Arnica tablets pre and post-op. I didn’t receive any specific instructions from Dr. Rahal, but it wasn’t on the list of things to avoid either. So I took it starting two days before to help reduce inflammation and swelling after the surgery.

I took a shower and washed my hair well and headed down to the office bright and early at 6:30 am. There, I met Mike the nurse who offered me some water and granola bars. I filled out some paper work and was taken to a room for some pre-op photos.

I went to the procedure room where Mike shaved my head. I asked him to shave the entire thing so that it could grow back evenly. He also gave me a sedative shot in the arm and Dr. Rahal came in to start numbing me up. This part was easily the most painful part of the day. He started injecting around the donor area, and eventually decided to do a nerve block by injecting anesthesia into the area right above my eyebrows. Finally I was good and numb, so I faced down in the chair, iPhone in hand and Dr. Rahal started away at removing grafts. He said they were coming out easily. Meanwhile, I was playing video games, reading the news, and texting my girlfriend face down in the procedure chair. I think I fell asleep for a bit too.

About three hours later, Dr. Rahal was done removing about 2100 grafts and was ready to start creating the slits in my vertex. The recipient area was shaved down further, cleaned up, and anesthetized. Then, sitting upright now, he started away on my scalp. I was having a bit of trouble with pain here, and he had to reanesthetize.

Finally, it was done and it was time for lunch. Mike brought in a sandwich and a granola bar along with some Gatorade. I also had a chance to take a break and call my mom and girlfriend to tell them that everything was okay.

I went back to the room and was told I could pick a movie to watch. I brought a few of my own, so they put one of those in and begin transplanting the hairs. Again, I began having trouble with pain, so more lidocaine was put in and I had another shot of sedative in the arm. Although it was a smaller dose, it really knocked me out, and I woke up some time later from my own snoring (sorry team!).

They finished up and I finished my second movie, pain-free. I was given instructions for the night and an appointment to come in the following day for further instructions. I went back to my hotel room and put it on the basketball game after eating some dinner. As I felt the anesthesia wearing off, I took two Tylenol 3s, then two Advil, and finally a Percocet without much relief. I also took my anti-biotic. Despite the discomfort, I set up the pillows so that I was up at a 45 degree angle, put a towel under my neck and fell asleep.

day-0-surgery-day -

day-0-surgery-day - the plan so exciting

The plan! So exciting!

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day-0-surgery-day -

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