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Posted :6/22/2012

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry for being absent from this blog for a while. Part of it was simply wanting to wait long enough to show a substantial difference and part of it was getting bogged down by an unexpected move. I have to admit, a third component was simply that I just don't think about my transplant every day anymore! Dr. Rahal warned me that might happen, but I was so grateful and so excited that I dismissed it.
My donor area looks flawless, my hairline is coming in beautifully at about 7 months - I would be happy if this is the extent of growth I got. My crown, as anticipated, still has a spot there but I'm not self-conscious of it and it disappears when I brush my hair back. I love my hair, I love how I feel every day. I feel like myself again.
The clinic checks in occasionally and I only have good things to say. Now that I wake up in the morning and see this much hair, remembering the simple things like taking my pill and using Rogaine becomes more difficult but arguably more important - I don't want to lose hair around the transplanted areas. In fact, for the first time in 8 years, I've set an alarm to remind me to use both. Otherwise, I don't even think about it.

one-year-post-procedure-1 - head - 7 months

Head on - 7 months

one-year-post-procedure-1 - flawless donor area

Flawless donor area!

one-year-post-procedure-1 - left side - 7 months

Left side - 7 months

one-year-post-procedure-1 - right side - 7 months

Right side - 7 months

one-year-post-procedure-1 - aerial view with my crown

Aerial view with my crown exposed - again combo of 1 year and 7 month hairs

one-year-post-procedure-1 - aerial view with hair

Aerial view with hair brushed - a combination of 1 year transplants and 7 month transplants.